Well, everyone says that I should blog. I have heard it for years!

But why?

Is it easy?

Can I do it?

I would think that it is not a matter of if, but will I do it. I have tried before and know that it takes time. When there are other platforms to also have content ready for, a blog seems like it is just another Make Work Project.

But . . . they are great for SEO. Blogging attracts traffic. I know that. To get started into the swing of things, I thought I would share a topic that I have shared on Social Media.


New Blog

With knowing how good blogging is for my website traffic, I know, I should have started it a long time ago.

I actually have started, multiple times over the years. It was one of the first things I tried when I went online many years ago.

Things have changed. Blogging is easy. Anyone can do it. It can be done on many platforms.

When I started over 10 years ago, I was charged a hefty amount of money for the “blog”. I went down a path after that that many have travelled on. I spent way too much money and my naivety was taken advantage of.

I vowed that I would do what I could to stop that from happening to others. So if my blogging only accomplishes that, so be it.

Traffic towards my business is my ultimate goal since I have a need to make money to support myself. Helping others was my original goal, and still rates high in my books.

I hope to use this blog to help others in their business. I have come across some scoundrels in my time online, but I have also found real gems. I would love to introduce you to them here.