About Us

My name is Linda Lamont. I am the owner and operator of White Willow Marketing.

My passion for marketing grew over the last 10 years and evolved from wanting to help people avoid the mistakes I made when I first started as an entrepreneur. I had my hand in many pots when I was asked to “take care” of a couple clients. I did not realize at the time how this would impact my life.

How It Started

I am an RN since 1989 and have worked in 3 different Emergency Rooms; an ER of a large adult trauma centre, a pediatric ER, and a small town hospital ER. I started to look for something that would be less stressful on my body. 12-hour shifts, often with no breaks, was taking a toll.

I gathered skills and experience online and became an entrepreneur of digital marketing. I learned how to make various kinds of videos, I made WordPress websites, membership sites, and I learned about sales and marketing.

I Took a Wrong Turn

I had a rough start as I trusted the wrong people spent way too much money, and “almost lost the farm.”  I eventually found my way, but I did not do this alone. Furthermore, I had many mentors, and they got me to where I am today.

I am still a nurse, and I quit my positions in the hospitals in Jan 2020 to work full time on my business.

Then Covid happened.

One month later, I was back in the hospitals, working our way through the pandemic. My time has been put in, and I am leaving with a clear conscience. The health care system will continue to struggle, as it does around the world right now.

My business is my focus now. I am helping people from a new perspective. I have earned my credentials from many mentors over the years. It is my turn to help in the world of business.

I look forward to working with you.


The Right Choice

We get laser targeted clients for your business.